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How to Unlock a Toshiba Laptop Keyboard? [Solved] 2023

If your Toshiba laptop keyboard is locked, you can follow these steps to unlock it.

  • First, check to see if the Num Lock or Caps Lock key is on. If either of these keys is on, press them to turn them off.
  • Next, try pressing the Shift key by itself. If that doesn’t work, try pressing the Shift key and another key at the same time.
  • Finally, if all else fails, you can reboot your laptop and try again.


  • Look for a key on your keyboard that has a picture of a lock on it, or says “FN
  • This is the function key that will enable you to unlock your keyboard
  • Press and hold down the FN key, then press the key with the lock icon
  • This will usually unlock your keyboard
  • If it doesn’t work, try pressing and holding FN + Shift + Num Lock
  • This should toggle off the number lock function and unlock your keyboard
  • If neither of these steps work, you may need to reboot your computer to reset the FN key’s default setting
  • Once your computer has restarted, try pressing FN + Num Lock again to see if this unlocks your keyboard

How to lock and unlock keyboard.

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How to Unlock Touchpad on Toshiba Laptop

If you’re having trouble with your touchpad on your Toshiba laptop, there are a few things you can try to get it working again.

  • First, make sure that the touchpad is turned on in the BIOS settings. You can access the BIOS by pressing F2 when your computer first boots up.
  • Once you’re in the BIOS, look for an option called “Touchpad” or “Pointing Device.” If this option is available, make sure it’s set to “Enabled.” If the Touchpad option isn’t available in your BIOS, or if it’s already enabled and you’re still having trouble with your touchpad, try connecting an external mouse to your computer and see if that works.
  • If the external mouse does work, then there may be a problem with your touchpad driver. To fix this, you’ll need to download and install the latest touchpad driver from Toshiba’s website.
  • Once you’ve installed the new driver, reboot your computer and see if that fixes the problem. If not, there may be something wrong with your touchpad itself. In this case, you’ll need to replace your touchpad (which is usually a pretty easy process).

How to Unlock Keyboard on Toshiba Laptop Windows 7

If you have locked your keyboard on your Toshiba laptop running Windows 7, there are a few ways to unlock it.

One is to use the Fn+F8 key combination and another is to use the Windows On-Screen Keyboard. To use the Fn+F8 key combination, simply hold down the Fn key and press F8. This will toggle the keyboard lock on and off.

You can also find this option in the Toshiba Keyboard Lock Utility which can be found in the Start Menu under All Programs->Toshiba->Utilities. To use the Windows On-Screen Keyboard, go to Start->All Programs->Accessories->Ease of Access->On-Screen Keyboard.

This will bring up a virtual keyboard on your screen that you can use to input text.

Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Not Working on Startup

If your Toshiba laptop keyboard isn’t working when you start up your computer, there are a few possible causes.

First, check to make sure that the keyboard is properly plugged in. If it is, then the next step is to try restarting your computer. If that doesn’t work, you may need to reinstall the drivers for your keyboard. Assuming that your Toshiba laptop uses a standard Windows keyboard layout, the first thing to do if your keys aren’t working is to check for hardware issues.

Is the keyboard properly plugged in? USB keyboards often have an LED that lights up when they’re active, so if yours isn’t lit up, unplug it and plug it back in again. If that doesn’t work, try plugging it into a different USB port. If you’re using a wireless keyboard, make sure the batteries are fresh and correctly installed.

You might also want to try turning off Bluetooth on your laptop and then turning it back on again; sometimes this can reset the connection between the laptop and the keyboard. Once you’ve ruled out hardware issues, restarting your computer is always a good troubleshooting step. This will give Windows a chance to reload all of its drivers and hopefully fix any software glitches that might be causing problems with your keyboard.

If restarting doesn’t help, there could be an issue with your device drivers the software that lets Windows communicate with your hardware devices like keyboards and mice. You can usually update drivers by going to Device Manager (in Control Panel) and finding the device in question; right-clicking on it and selecting “Update driver software” from the menu; then following instructions from there.

How to Unlock a Toshiba Laptop Keyboard?
How to Unlock a Toshiba Laptop Keyboard?

Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Not Working

If you’re having trouble with your Toshiba laptop’s keyboard, there are a few things you can try to get it working again.

First, make sure the keyboard is properly connected to the computer. If it’s not, reconnect it and see if that fixes the problem. If the keyboard is properly connected but still not working, try restarting the computer. Sometimes a simple reboot can fix strange glitches like this. If neither of those solutions works, you may need to replace the keyboard entirely.

This is usually a pretty easy fix – just pop off the old keyboard and snap on a new one. You can find replacement keyboards for most Toshiba laptops online or at your local electronics store.


The following are the responses to some frequently asked questions concerning the “How to Unlock a Toshiba Laptop Keyboard?” topic:

How Do I Unlock My Keypad on My Toshiba Laptop?

If your Toshiba laptop has a keypad that is locked, you can follow the steps below to unlock it.

  1. Look for the “Fn” key on your Toshiba laptop’s keyboard. This key is usually located in the top-left corner of the keyboard, near the “Esc” key.
  2. Press and hold down the “Fn” key, then press the “F6” key. This will unlock your Toshiba laptop’s keypad.
  3. You should now be able to use your Toshiba laptop’s keypad normally. If you have any further questions or problems, please consult your Toshiba laptop’s manual or contact Toshiba customer support for assistance.

How Do You Unlock a Locked Laptop Keyboard?

If your laptop keyboard is locked, there are a few possible explanations.

  • The first is that you simply have Num Lock or Caps Lock on, and you can toggle these keys to unlock your keyboard. If that doesn’t work, then it’s possible that your computer’s BIOS is set to disable the keyboard when external USB devices are plugged in. To fix this, you’ll need to go into your BIOS settings and change the configuration.
  • Finally, if none of these solutions work, it’s possible that your keyboard itself is physically locked. This usually happens when a key gets stuck in the down position. To fix this, you’ll need to open up your laptop and remove the offending key from its housing.

How Do I Get My Keyboard Out of Lock?

If your keyboard is locked, it usually means that there is a key that is stuck in the down position. To fix this, you will need to remove the key from the down position and then clean the keyboard. To remove a key that is stuck in the down position, you will need to use a small flathead screwdriver.

First, find the slot on the underside of the key. Once you have found the slot, insert the screwdriver into it and gently pry up on the key. The key should come out easily. If it does not, try wiggling the screwdriver back and forth until the key pops free.

Once you have removed the stuck key, you can clean your keyboard by using compressed air or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. Gently blast or brush away any dirt or debris that might be blocking keys from returning to their upright positions.

Why is My Laptop Keyboard Not Typing?

If you’re having issues with your laptop keyboard not typing, there are a few potential causes that you can check.One possibility is that the drivers for your keyboard are out of date. To update your keyboard drivers, go to your computer manufacturer’s website and look for the latest driver downloads for your model of laptop.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the new drivers, restart your computer and see if the problem persists.Another potential cause could be hardware damage to your keyboard. If you spill something on your keyboard or drop it, it’s possible that some of the keys may become damaged or dislodged.

In this case, you’ll need to take apart your laptop and replace the damaged keys.If neither of these solutions work, it’s possible that there’s a more serious issue with your computer itself and you should take it to a qualified technician to diagnose and repair the problem.


Toshiba laptops come with a built-in security feature that allows you to set a password for the keyboard. If you forget your Toshiba laptop keyboard password, you can use a simple trick to unlock it. First, unplug the laptop and remove the battery.

Then, hold down the “Fn” key and press the “power” button. The computer will boot up without asking for a password. You can now change the keyboard password in the BIOS settings.

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